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Who ever said creativity is dead?


This student did a Vampier Version of Romeo and Juliet.

Before student teaching I had heard a lot of teachers talk about creativity and how much it is lacking in our schools, and I found this to be true while I was at North Star. I had to beg the kids to do fun activities and expecting them to think out of the box was asking too much. I figured the same would happen at South, but I am excited to announce that I was wrong. These kids are sick of doing the same thing every day. They take endless amounts of notes and are never asked to produce something original. We have been working on Romeo and Juliet ToonDoos for the last 2 weeks in my DL FACTS classes and I have been pleasantly surprised by the creative and hilarious comics my students have been producing on their own. Some kids are doing Vampire Romeo and Juliet and others are doing al la Mexicana. I wanted to share some of them on here so the world can see just how brilliant and creative our kids can be when we give them the chance to do so.

I die laughing when I read this girl’s work!Hilarious view of marriage.